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Virgin hair extensions are made using unprocessed human hair. This hair has been given by donors using ethical means. The hair is not treated with chemicals to make it last longer or look shiny. The virgin hair extensions are harvested directly from young ladies with healthy hair.  Since the hair is healthy, it will last longer without losing its vigor. The reason why women like the human hair extensions is they blend well with their natural hair. Since there is high demand for human hair extensions, there are many sellers online. The problem with this is that it is hard to verify the quality of the virgin hair sold by a company. There are companies selling animal hair and labeling it as human hair. These hairs will not last long and are not easy to style. They are often sold cheap. 


Virgin hair extension is the highest quality of human hair and is highly priced. The hair must be processed using genital techniques so as to last long, shiny and smooth. The processing is done to create a range of colors. The harvesting process ensures that there is no gray hair and split hair. It is collected from thick, full and long ponytails. It requires no additional to make it beautiful part from the colors. It is fragile and should be processed in that way so that it can remain healthy and soft. It is processed in a 12 step process using eco-friendly ingredients. Look up half head hair extensions for more options. 


Remy's hair is the cost widely used human hair due to its high quality and affordable price. It lasts for several years it has a nice blend with natural hair. It has cuticles running intact following the same direction.  This means that no tangling will be experienced if the hair is processed properly. They flow from the root to the tip with no tangling. 


High standard Remy is collected from a woman scalp. There are many types of Remy hair. How you experience Remy's hair depends on how it was manufactured.  It can be harvested from Europe, Asia or India.  The hair will not tangle if it is double drawn. The processing used determines its longevity and, texture and color. Sometimes, hair from different donors may be used in making a bunch.  


There are some companies using harsh techniques in processing of the Remy hair of virgin hair extensions. Keep in mind that understanding the genuine company selling this human hair extension.