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If you have plans to invest on hair extensions, then it will be vital to learn some steps that must be done to maintain it properly. Maintaining your clip in hair extensions is mostly based on the efforts you will exert to clean and brush it on regular intervals. Below, we will be talking about some simple tips yet very effective way to care and maintain your extensions correctly.


Number 1. Brush Regularly


One basic technique used to maintain the appearance of your extensions is by brushing it on a regular basis. The best tool you may make use of here is a soft bristle brush. These kinds of brushes gently help in eliminating tangles while making sure that no damage is cause to your hair.


Basically, the process of brushing out the tables is nearly the same to real hair and this starts from the bottom to get that area tangle free. When this is complete, you may move to the top part of your hair and brush it to the full length of the extensions gently. As much as possible, avoid brushing it roughly as this may potentially result to serious damage, leaving your hair look frizzy and a bit of mess.


Number 2. Wash Carefully 


Make efforts in giving your extensions a regular wash. Believe it or not, it has the same level of importance as brushing it regularly. Not washing it correctly can make it a hard time for you to maintain its shiny and clean appearance. Before you start on washing it, it is important to remove tangles from your hair. What's more, only use high quality shampoo and take slow and cautious approach when brushing your hair. It helps as well to wet your extensions slowly and work it from the top to bottom and then, shampoo and rinse it as you go.


Number 3. Use a Conditioner


Conditioners is basically the last step in maintaining your full head hair extensions. Apply a conditioner from top part of your head and work it all the way down. Keep brushing the extension as you work on them in order to prevent tangles. When you are done, leave the extensions to dry on its own. At the same time, try to limit the use of nourishing products as having excessive amount of it can lead to making your extensions look dull and limp.


Follow these tips and rest assure that your extensions can last longer and look like your natural hair.